About Us

City-slickers turned fun-loving country-folk...  That's who we are!

Raising 3 girls ( 18, 9, 8 ) and choosing to home-school them after realizing that the school system is for academically and single-track minded individuals and is not focused on growing the minds of adventurous creative kids.

Who am I, the mom - Theri Rossouw!


I myself was never much good in school.  I was one of those kids that had to work hard, study hard and struggle to remember the work for exams only to barely scrape through, yet now, as an adult with 22 years experience, I find myself to be an award winning "serial" entrepreneur, learning as I go and growing from failures. 


Watching my own girls grow and learn and struggle with mainstream school, I have realized that so much of life and what makes us successful is not taught to us from the bounds of a desk and classroom but rather learned from hands-on experiences.

I am self taught in so many skills, there is not much I have not done or tried or mastered... and when I don't know how, I simply "google" or else just try and learn as I go!

My personality traits label me as a "creator", "serial entrepreneur", "inventor" and "mad mom"!  I push boundaries, get board of routine, love creating systems but loath maintaining them.  My life is about finding and creating new opportunities in work and learning new skills all the time.  I see opportunity in everything and keep myself busy with multiple money making projects.

In 2009 I started my own company with a handfull of samples and just R15.  Therific Naturals is turning 10 this year.  We manufacture and distribute across South Africa as well as export our products.  In 2012, I was awarded the title of Small Business Entrepreneur by the NSBC, in 2014 I was a finalist in the Sanlam & Business Partners EOY and my products have won multiple awards over the years.  Because of my love of business and growing kids to be who they were meant to be, I decided to spread my wings and turn my skills into a mentorship programme.

Adventure Learning is a concept I started in 2015 when I removed my eldest daughter from mainstream school.  I knew little about the homeschool journey we were to embark on and basically just climbed on board and went with the flow.

As time passed, we (my husband and I) realized that our two younger girls, who at the time were in preschool, were losing their own unique personalities and instead becoming so entangled in other kids and their characteristics, that we decided to also remove them from school in the hope of allowing them to be themselves, who they were born to be.

Not long into the journey, we decided to give up city life and all the stress of security and traffic and social dictation, and with that moved to a small farm just outside of Knysna.  Its been a year and our journey although rewarding, has been very challenging.

Now, at the start of our second year here, its time for me to focus on what I believe my purpose is; help kids discover their talents and grow them into successful businesses.

Join me, as we embark on a new advenutres in 2019.