Dicovering Your Senses

Modern play-time consumed by technology is depriving our children of learning and playing with everyday REAL things.  Discovering your senses takes children on a tactile and sensory journey.  We send them on a mystery course to find treasures that smell, shine, sound, feel and have different colours and textures.  This session takes familiar / popular computer / cell phone games and turns them into reality.

Make Your Own Chalk & Board

Most schools now have new-tech boards and have done away with good, old fashioned chalk boards.  In this session, we make our very own coloured chalk and paint and decorate our own chalkboard so that the children can take home their very own chalkboard.

Obstacles & Prepositions

Who remembers learning parts of speech in English class... Trying to remember the difference between a noun, a verb, an adjective and a preposition is way more fun when you learn it while navigating an obstacle course.  Children get to create and navigate an obstacle course that helps them to learn prepositions and other common parts of speech.

Bridging the Gap
Bridging The Gap

The world is made of spectacular wonders that have been made by man.  From the tallest building to the highest bridge to the longest tunnel.  We take kids on a fascinating journey of spectacular wonders.  In Bridging the Gap, they will learn how to build a bridge that can withhold an adults weight, yet built with only wood and no screws or bolts or other items.  This is also a great team building activity that gets them thinking constructively.

Natural & Synthetic Textures

So much of what we use daily is synthetic and man-made.  Our kids are part of a generation that no longer know what is real from fake.  In this session we show them real vs. fake in so many common food and household items.  We also show them how man-made products can be harmful to nature and our precious animals around the world and that recycling and reducing can help save our earth.

Make Your Own Playdough & Fractions

There is something rather therapeutic about playing with playdough.  The soft textures with endless creations at the palm of your hands.  In this session we make our own playdough while learning fractions and other great sums.

Oh Sew Easy

What happens when our children grow up and mom is no longer around to fix a button?  Oh Sew Easy will teach basic hand sewing skills like how to thread a needle, start and end stitching, various basic stitching techniques and how to sew on a button. 

Blindfold Trivia

So many of us are privileged to have both sight and hearing.  In Blindfold Trivia we experience a moment of darkness where we can only smell, taste, feel and hear.  In this session, children will be given simple activities and tasks to complete without the aid of sight.  We also have some fun doing a blind tasting and guessing game so just how in-tune our other senses are.

What Do You Hear?

So many of us are privileged to have both sight and hearing.  In What do you Hear,  we experience a moment of silence where we can only smell, taste, feel and see.  In this session, children will be given simple activities and tasks to complete without the aid of hearing.  We will also learn some basic sign-language gestures so that we can greet those that are hard at hearing.

Blood, Guts & Fun

Our bodies are amazing creations and function in ways we only know of but cant see.  In Blood, Guts and Fun, we dissect various vital organs (beef / pork / sheep) so see what they look like, what they feel like, how they function and what their role is in keeping us healthy and alive. Who knows, some little kid partaking in this fun activity, might just spark an interest for them to become a doctor or a vet one day.

Micro Farming

Times are changing and with the growing population and lack of water, farmers are finding it hard to keep up with the supply and demand of fresh produce at affordable prices.  Micro Farming is a great activity that teaches the children how to grow their own vegetables in a micro farm box.  We also touch on hydroponics and alternative plant growing methods.

Handyman & Wonderwoman

Need to hang that picture or change a plug but not quite sure how?  In this session we teach basic handyman skills such as how to use a screwdriver, hitting a hammer on the nail and not your fingers, changing an appliance plug and some other common domestic fix-up tricks.  Great for both boys AND girls.

Knott so Easy
Water Harvesting & Rain Dancing
Track To Give Back

Its Knott so Easy when you don't know how... so let us teach you some fun knots to use when you need a quick fix.  From slip-knots, to rough-knots, to sailor-knots and nooses... This is a fun session with a few entangling surprises.

The Western Cape is experiencing its worst drought yet.  What happens if "day zero" hits and you have nothing to drink.  This session, we teach you various ways to harvest water in the event of an emergency.  Basic steps you can practice at home to not just reduce your water consumption but also harvest your own. 

The final in the series that proves to be rewarding for both children and parents.  One of the biggest lessons in life is learning to share and learning to give. In Track To Give Back, we go on an adventure across the Knysna Train Tracks.  Each step a journey forward, never looking back, each step a value in donation towards a local charity.

and many, many more activities in between and to follow...