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My name is Jessey. 

At the age of 14 I discovered my love for baking.


This led me to complete three modules of training and at 15, I became the youngest person in Africa to obtain a P.M.E. Masters diploma in cake decorating.

Being homeschooled, I had the freedom to bake and do courses and take on work to grow my skills.  I then decided to complete my Grade 12 and earned my GED certificate in 2018.

I now live and work in Knysna taking on orders to help save up towards my international travels and hopefully further my cullinary studies abroad.



Noun: great technical skill and brilliance shown in performance or activity.

Synonyms:  bravery, daring, determination, endurance, fearlessness, heroism, spunk,

adventurousness, enterprise, guts, lion-heartedness.

You can follow me on facebook at www.facebook.com/cakebravura

To order:

071 929 4560