Children having fun, connecting with nature, using their five senses to learn practical, hands-on life skills, whilst forming and nurturing relationships with each other, is what Grounding is all about.


Grounding, is a new extra curricular activity for boys and girls aged 6 - 12 years.  We are based at The Red Barn Farm, along the Rheenendal road, only 15 minutes drive from Knysna.

The wide range of activities have been carefully planned to ensure that your child will enjoy learning new skills, working with others, being aware of their emotions, as well as ensure they are using and understanding all of their senses (taste, sight, touch, smell and hearing).

Grounding is designed as a 2 hour session held every second week.  It will take place come rain or shine, and children will be encouraged to face the elements.  Getting wet, running in the wind, feeling cool air or the warmth of the sun on their back will all be part of understanding their own bodies, and also about strengthening their immune systems, all whilst having a wonderful adventure.

The activities are not about winning the race, nor about finishing together within a certain time, but about each child learning to embrace their strengths and weaknesses, learning how to adapt, change and make a plan, and most importantly, about hands on fun!

** Parents are welcome to enroll their children on a per lesson basis.  All interested students will be required to pre-register with us and will be placed on our Whatsapp group.  The week prior to a session, we will send a brief description of the planned activities allowing parents the choice to book individual sessions.  Please note that individual sessions do come at a higher cost per child and space may me limited.  All sessions will need to be confirmed and paid for prior to arrival.

We will provide most of what will be used for each session however, from time to time, we may require you to send a long a few items / tools that will be needed.  eg:  a hammer.  ( You will be notified in advance. )


Parents may not partake in the activities unless invited to help with younger kids.  You are however, welcome to relax in the garden and enjoy some tea and scones while you wait for your kids.  Being a short drive out of town, we are sure that after the first two or three session with moms bonding over scones, you will find friends that could possibly team up to arrange lift-clubs each week.