I started to get bored and wanted something to do.  My mom and dad decided to let me try make some chocolate treats and I really enjoyed it.  They helped me get started and the first treat I made was vanilla sweety pies.

My mom then posted these on facebook and sold a few and everyone enjoyed them.  So I tried to make vanilla chocolate logs and everyone also enjoyed eating them.

Since January 2019 I have learned to make all sorts of different treats and now sell these at markets in Knysna.

Some of the treats you can buy and enjoy are:

  • mini vanilla sweety pie

  • mini vanilla chocolate log

  • peppermint patties

  • caramel popcorn flavoured sweety pie

  • caramel coconut bites

  • peanutbutter biscuits

  • butter biscuits


My name is Keira-Leigh and I am 12 years old.


I can't go to school because I have Petimal Epilepsy which means I stay at home and learn at home. 

Read my story below...

Treats By Us


Call my mom Done' on 087 135 6625

Currently only available in Knysna, Plettenberg Bay and Sedgefield.

Due to Keira-Leighs special needs, the family are trying to raise funds through Back-A-Buddy.  Please read below and feel free to support her big adventure of treat making!

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Keira-Leigh  is a beautiful 12-year-old little girl who has Atypical Complex Petimal Epilepsy. On any given day she can have between 50 to over 300 seizures a day. It makes learning and everyday life very difficult for her. From little she has loved the kitchen. She has gotten very into baking and the change we see her is amazing.  Now we need to be able to get her all the right kitchen equipment

She will never be able to have a "normal" job one day as such. So with this new interest, we would love to be able to get her more stock, some poly-carbonate moulds and much other needed items as well as a proper stove as the small gas one we have now she can only make non-bake treats etc in.  

With this, we hope that one day she will be able to support her self and even one day open a little shop and employ others who just need a bit of help in life.

Keira-Leigh is homeschooled as there are no special needs schools here. With the baking she is now learning a real skill that will help her support herself when she is older. Mom cannot work as she needs to be home with her so that is one salary less in the household. Since the Knysna Fires 2017 Dad who works for himself lost many customers after the fires so we have no spare funds to make this dream come true for her.

It was always a worry that we had on how Kiki was going to be able to support herself when she is older as we are realising that she will never have the ability to be educated formally. Since we started baking at home, it has opened a whole new world for Kiki. She has found what she loves doing:
She loves mixing and painting the moulds, seeing how ingredients work together, why certain things need to be added, etc and then waiting in anticipation for it to be ready to see how it turned out.

Without even knowing it she is learning the most awesome skill ever. Sadly we just don't have the funds to encourage this and get the proper tools she needs.

Please share the post and help us help her.

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